Jornets finca - Olis de Jornets ;

Finca de Jornets

The extra virgin olive oils benefiting from the mark of quality Designation of Origin "Oil Mallorca" or "Oli de Mallorca" come from the varieties "or Mallorquina Empeltre", "Arbequina" and "Picual."

Depending on the degree of ripeness of the olives oils are fruity or sweet. Olives harvested early in the season will fruity oil and the end of the season will be sweet oil. So the oil start of the season will be yellow and green with a profile in the predominantly sensory attributes bitter and pungent and the end of the season is golden yellow, which have virtually disappeared attributes spicy and bitter, mainly sweetness and softness.

It is very common for olive paste sheep breed of Mallorca. The animals eat weeds and add organic fertilizer. This integration with olive sheep do better to keep the ecosystem itself from the island of Mallorca, with less use of pesticides and fertilizers, avoiding contamination of soils and groundwater.

The olives are harvested through the order (to collect directly from the fruit tree), or through shaking or vibration. They're only minutes to obtain the olive oil healthy and not dizzy. To do so is collected and transported to the mill with great care.